The 104th CSJ Annual Meeting (2024)

Seven of us delivered the presentation (oral or poster) at the 104th CSJ Annual Meeting (2024).







主 催: 公益社団法人 日本化学会 
共 催: 日本大学 理工学部
会 期: 2024年3月18日(月)~21日(木)
会 場: 日本大学理工学部 船橋キャンパス


○Shiori Kobayashi, Tomohiro Seki
Development of Molecular Crystals of a Flufenamic Acid Derivatives Exhibiting Thermal Phase Transition and Plastic Deformation
E1131-1am-02, oral presentaion, 3/18/2024.

○Daiki Korenaga, Tomohiro Seki
Development of Functional Molecular Crystals by Arylation of Halogenoplatinum Complex
C442-1am-03, oral presentaion, 3/18/2024.

○Takumi Okada, Tomohiro Seki
Development of Benzodifuranone Molecular Crystals Exhibiting Solid-State Photoluminescence and Stimuli-Responsive Properties
E1131-1am-01, oral presentaion, 3/18/2024.

○Shun Saito, Tomohiro Seki
Preparation of cis- and trans- Aryl Platinum Complexes and Comparison of the Stimuli Responsiveness of Their Crystalline States
C442-1am-07, oral presentaion, 3/18/2024.

○Masahiro Ikeda, Tomohiro Seki
Synthesis of Benzodithiophenone and its Application to Stimuli Responsive Molecular Crystals
P2-3am-19, poster presentaion, 3/20/2024.

○Rintaro Ishikawa, Tomohiro Seki
Development of Molecular Crystals of Platinum Complexes Equipped with Substituted Heteroaromatic Groups
P1-2am-09, poster presentaion, 3/19/2024.

○Akihito Yano, Tomohiro Seki
Development of Stimuli-Responsive Molecular Crystals of Benzoselenophene Platinum Complexes
P1-2am-11, poster presentaion, 3/19/2024.